Healing Mental Behavioural Toxicity

Building Sustainable Solutions for a better and safer World free from Exploitative Forces, Inattentive Grooming and Silent Injustice


Personal Care and Counselling

Our service is to listen your mind empathetically, process your thoughts authentically and counsel your concerns personally

Who we are?

Ashray is a Children and Women Welfare NGO dedicated towards facilitating Mental-Behavioural Care and Wellness, serving intensely tested and scientific Personal Help and Counselling System, empowering the distressed, needy and inadequately served sections of our social ecosystem and ensuring Holistic Qualitative Revival and Renascence.

Ashray is about Capturing Happiness, Counselling Fears, Seeding Humanity, Guiding Misguideds, Restoring Love, Reviving Abused Lives and developing Socio-Cultural Ecosystem healthy and conducive for a healthy generation (current and future). “Ashray” signifies Rejuvenating SHELTER of Invaluable Life skills and timeless sacred ethics and values for distorted generation of modern socialites.

Ashray is the result of an Acknowledgement wherein we understand that to build a better world for us to live, the unavoidable upsurge in qualitative degradation in society at large, mad inhuman crimes against Children (as young as few months babies) and Women (as elderly as 70 year old lady), youths surrendering to mental agonies, failures, fears committing suicides every minute everywhere, parents battling with protecting and raising their children against the world of distractions and degradation, teachers loosing the honour of building a generation and a lot more need a dedicated and immediate remediation.

Project “5S”

The Original Genesis of Ashray


A Comprehensive Flagship Program for Combative Personal Care and Counselling System for Children, Youths, Parents and Women aimed at offering tested practical consulting on wide spectrum subjects like Parenting, Mental-Behavioural Issues, Interpersonal Conflicts, Anxiety, Fears, Happiness, Relationships, Careers, Addictions, Life Skills and Holistic Lifestyle Management.


An Open Hall Dialogue on Socially Relevant Issues (for Children, Youths and Women) for Social Transformation and Rejuvenation.“Samvad” is Ashray’s Social Conclave that facilitates discussion and examination of Socially Relevant and Crucial Subjects / Issues related to Children, Youths and Women Development on a mass platform.


A Scientific Mental-Behavioural Health Diagnosis System for assessing Mental-Emotional Wellness of Children and Youths. Being a Mental Wellness test, it examines Psyche, Emotions, Reactions, Behaviours, Habits, Ethics and Social Health of an individual.


Pro-active Prevention System against Abuse and Suicides (including Victim Rehabilitation). “Sajag” is Ashray’s dedicated “Abuse and Suicide Prevention Program” aimed at facilitating a Combative Support and Counselling service for Children, Youths and Women against mental/emotional disorders and vulnerability to Suicidal Tendencies.


Livelihood Empowerment Support for Slum-Dwelling Children, Youths and Women. This Program is aimed at enabling, facilitating and developing essential life needs for most under-privileged weaker sections of society. “Sambhav” is focused on life-rejuvenation of unattended needy Women and Children especially.

Ashray cares about…

Mental Health
Child Abuse
Behavioural Wellness
Abuse & Assault Prevention
Empowered Women
Conflict Resolution
Personal Counselling
Sustainable Livelihood
Emotional Fraility
Open Dialogue
Moral Sanitation

Mental Pain is less perceptible and dramatic than Physical Pain, but is more common and more difficult to bear. The frequent attempt to hide Mental agony increases its burden. It is easier to say “My Tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken”

Clive Staples Lewis, Renowned Author and Theologian

And we think, they just misbehave…

53 out of 100 Children get effected by serious Mental, Behavioural or Emotional vulnerabilities…and it is unjust to even expect them to handle their inner crisis by themselves

While Parenting is a matter of observing, grooming and preserving the natural abilities of a Child, it is also about protecting and combating their mental, behavioural and emotional struggles with empathy and love.


People suffering from Depression and Mental Disorders


Children Emotionally and Sexually Abused (Under 18 yrs)


Children and Youths victims of Mental-Behavioural Imbalances


Total Number of Losses due to Suicides in India (since 2010)

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Request Your “Sārathi”

This allows you to avail Free Lifetime Personal Care-Counselling and Mental Wellness Support by Certified Life Coaches, Counsellors and Mentors.

Join Ashray, we need you…


Key Skills : Public Speaking, Confident Communication, Team Coordination, Goal-Oriented Planning, Content Writing, Marketing, Creative Solutions building, Mass Networking, Event Management, Counselling, Fund Raising and Graphic Design (Looking for volunteers good in at least 4 skills of the above)

PersonalityTo develop a revolutionary spirit and synergy in team, it is important that each team member @ashray shares same passion to serve help and care for others.

Please write us at ashrayonline@gmail.com or click on “I am Interested” and share your interest with us.

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DISCLAIMER: Ashray Personal Care and Counselling Program Sarathi is a purely non-clinical Mental-Behavioural Wellness Support through which Ashray provides the counselees with  Psychologists, Life Coaches and Counsellors with deep and rich life experiences. Ashray Counsellors and Life Coaches are further trained people who understands your inner self and guide you through completely confidential individual sessions.
NOTE: All funds/donations raised by ASHRAY are allocated and channelised towards operating and developing facilities and essential infrastructures for underprivileged Children, Women Empowerment Initiatives and Abuse & Suicide Prevention Programs depending on the need on the ground.