Sārathi (सारथी)

A Combative, Non-Clinical, Proven Personal Counselling and Mental Wellness Initiative combating Depression, Suicidal Tendencies, Mental Disorders, Behavioural Issues, Parenting, Relationship Conflicts, Addictions, Physical/Emotional Abuses, Anxieties, Fears, Failures and everything that disturbs your happy life journey. 

What Sārathi (सारथी) brings...

Periodic Personal Care and Counselling
(Mental Wellness)
Mental-Behavioural Health Diagnosis “Swayam”
Donation to Child Abuse and Suicide Prevention Program “Sajag”
Periodic Open Hall Dialogue / Conclave “Samvad”
Periodic Family Retreat “Sanskaarshala”

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Yes, Its Free and Voluntary Service

NOTE: Ashray Sārathi is a Free Voluntary Personal Care and Mental Wellness Service although we do request our subscribers to donate and help us raise funds for various Charitable and Philanthropic Initiatives by Ashray Foundation. All funds/donations raised by ASHRAY are allocated and channelised towards operating and developing facilities and essential infrastructures for underprivileged Children, Women Empowerment Initiatives and Abuse & Suicide Prevention Programs depending on the need on the ground.

Sārathi (सारथी) Subscription enables you to book an appointment with Ashray Counsellors and Mentors for any Personal Counselling need, help or support 24x7.

What Sārathi (सारथी) cares about...

Suicidal Thoughts
Child Abuse
Healthy Parenting
Fear / Anxieties
Love / Relationships
Conflict Resolution
Dharma / Spirituality
Behavioural Issues
Happiness Banking
She Power
Decision Making
Parents Care
Value Education
Mental Agitation
DISCLAIMER: Ashray Personal Care and Counselling Program Sarathi is a purely non-clinical Mental-Behavioural Wellness Support through which Ashray provides the counselees with Psychologists, Life Coaches and Counsellors with deep and rich life experiences. Ashray Counsellors and Life Coaches are further trained people who understands your inner self and guide you through completely confidential individual sessions.